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This site is maintained by the South Warwickshire Environmental Association (SWEA) and provides a forum for comment on local issues. We hope it will provide a useful and open means of communication for the community. Please click on Comments below to leave a response and/or ask a question. For more information about SWEA see our web site at www.enviro-watch.co.uk.

Warwickshire County Council Minerals Plan update

Warwickshire County Council will be restarting work shortley on its new Minerals Plan (previously called the ‘Minerals Core Strategy’). The Council is required to produce a new plan to replace the 1995 Minerals Local Plan. The new plan will identifiy where new minerals sites should be located, and set out policies to assess new minerals development proposals over the next 15 years. For updates see the Councils webpage at www.warwickshire.gov.uk/mineralsplan.     To see the 1995 local plan go to www.warwickshire.gov.uk/mlp.


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